The story of

Shoe Biz Copenhagen

The story about Gardenia Copenhagen started three generations ago in 1941 when the company’s founder, Herman Gutkin, started manufacturing wooden clogs in a small basement on Nørrebro.

It was in the 1950’s that Herman decided to change the direction of the company and started to focus on fashionable women footwear. The stiletto came to play an important role in securing the company’s position on the Danish market during the 1960’s, as Gardenia Copenhagen were among the first players to introduce high heels and pointy toes in Denmark.

By focusing on consistency and remaining faithful towards its roots – Gardenia Copenhagen managed to establish itself as one of the most successful shoe brands on the market.

The family-run business has ever since stayed faithful towards its values and traditions within Danish design and is today highly characterized by its classic and exclusive profile. The stiletto is still a big part of the company’s DNA, together with craftmanship, high quality and great comfort, as well as its strong focus on seasonal trends.

76 years later, Gardenia Copenhagen remains a key player within the Danish fashion industry. A key success-factor has been the company’s ability to stay curious and alert to its external environment.

The universe of Gardenia Copenhagen has come a long way since the beginning and is today characterized by beautiful silhouettes, classic and edgy designs, the highest quality in terms of materials and function, and not the least care for details.

Gardenia Copenhagen does not merely adapt according to tendencies – but is a trendsetting name that pushes the boundaries and inspires new trends.

Today the vision and unconditional love for the product is carried on by the grandson of Herman; Allan Gutkin, who is today the CEO and director of Gardenia Copenhagen.